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Let this sink in. Today, President @realDonaldTrump admitted hiscampaign colluded with Russia. He thinks you don’t care. He doesn’t knowAmerica. We care. And we will be heard. Stay tuned, comrade Trump.

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The current Kremlin espionage offensive against the West bears uncanny resemblance to the late 1940s. If our Intelligence Community possesses something similar to VENONA 2.0—Team Trump Trump is facing a fate resembling that of Moscow’s spies 70 years ago.

Rick Gates will testify against Manafort this week, as early as tomorrow. Expect even more insanity from Trump this week.

Reporters always say they have to prove Trumpis lying before saying he is. I think we should always assume he's lying and make him prove that he's telling the truth.

President #Trump finally goes from "There was no collusion" to "This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal.." It looks like he's heading toward — Conspiracy is not a bad thing Thanks so much, it’s certainly something I have often thought during the past 3 years. I neglected to mention how many families have been ripped apart because of #Trumpism. Overall, #Trump as a person has been a bringer of misery in many quarters, sad to say.

You can tell love and respect when you see it. You can tell compassion for others when you see it. What you can’t do #America is turn a good, honest, loving person into someone he’s not. Not without #lying. That’s all trump has...hysterically false lies. Not a word of truth.

Kelley Annie looks in as bad a shape as her mind is. Where does she get these lies and why can't she back them up with facts? Because she doesn't have any facts to back up what she says, but trumps moronic base believes anything they hear. Screw the facts.
17/There is a perfect symmetry that the apotheosis of the deranged conservative style to governance, Donald Trump, is laying the blame for fires on environmental.

laws when they have precisely nothing to do with it and what would stop fires would be more environmental regulations
The Trump administration also wants to strip California of its authority to set stricter greenhouse gas standards for vehicles sold within its borders, which the state is authorized to do under a longstanding provision of the Clean Air Act. #StatesRights

Thanks for this compassionate message, @realDonaldTrump. Don’t worry about us. Governor Brown can use the state’s $8.8 billion budget surplus to provide needed resources. Oh, heard you’re headed for a trillion dollar deficit. Let us 
know if you need some thoughts and prayers. 

It won't matter to the braindead fascists of the GOP. Nothing Dear Leader does is wrong. Nothing The Enemy (ie America) does is right. They're at the point of needing deprogramming.
global warming is here and it is making natural disasters ore severs and common blaming the water cycle and controlled burns is just stupid and the potus being a moron is normal

We all need to be diligent in calling this "Conspiring" or "Conspiracy" instead of collusion. Trump is hung up on terminology thinking that it makes a difference in a deeds lawfulness...Let's give that Russian Agent a dose of "Good old fashioned Truth!"

It’s a joke, dear. #90DayFiance is a reality tv show. One of the ladies from USA brought Trump memorabilia-shirts, tv, bobblehead doll, hat to a Nigerian man that states he’s 30& single (scam?)yet she’s 52. She makes him wear it&takes a pic of him.We all know Trump is racist.

@realDonaldTrump cheated on every wife he's very had, evaded taxes and financial obligations for years, lied repeatedly and publicly every chance he's gotten, and who know's what else - What makes Don Jr. think that Daddy would cover for him? Not when his own hide is on the line!


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