JASON #TheBachelorette

This social experiment can bring out the worst in people. I’m relieved (but not surprised) that everyone got to meet the real Jason throughout this strange adventure.

In all my years of Bachelorette scouting & evaluating, Jason has shown off the charts composure, professionalism & grit. Becca just put his heart in a blender & Jason stayed strong. Definitely a front runner for the next Bachelor. Respect the Buffalo slick back
I didn’t leave because I wanted to know that this door was closed in the right manner.”
Who does that? I’ll tell you who. The man who just won over America’s heart.
Jason deserves only the best.

Jason taught me to not judge a book by its cover, because the cover initially looked like an ex recruitment chair of a frat who still cares a tad too much. But now I think he’s an angel who I wanna eat buffalo wings with

hen it becomes apparent that Garrett will win despite being human garbage, sweet Jason is gone forever & we’re gonna spend the rest of our summer watching Tia chase Colton in Paradise which honestly NONE of us asked for #TheBachelorette.

Everyone is attacking Jason Spencer. Let he who has never dropped his pants, screamed the N word and bitten the tip off a kielbasa penis cast the first stone.


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